POP3/SMTP Email Access
Basic Settings
POP & SMTP Server: www.yourdomain.com
Username: yourname@yourdomain.com
(Server requires authentication using POP account credentials)
Detailed Instructions For Outlook 2007
1. Click on 'Tools'
2. Select 'Account Settings'
3. Click on the 'New' button
4. Select POP,IMAP,or HTTP Setting & Click 'Next'
5. Check the box at the bottom (Manually Configure Server Settings) & Click 'Next'
6. Select 'Internet E-Mail' & Click 'Next'
7. Fill in your name & email address.
8. In the box 'Account Type' Select 'POP3'
9. In the box 'Incoming mail server box' enter 'www.yourdomain.com'
10. In the box 'Outgoing mail SMTP settings' enter 'www.yourdomain.com'
11. In the box 'User Name' enter your entire email address yourname@yourdomain.com
12. Click the 'More Settings' button
13. Click the 'Outgoing Server' tab
14. Check the box 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'.
15. Select 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server'
16. Click 'OK' and 'Finish' the wizard.

Webmail Access
You can access your email from anywhere using our Webmail.
You can login to webmail by visiting http://webmail.yourdomain.com
or thru the portal on http://www.ccd-systems.com by clicking the account button on the menu bar.

RcptHosts Error or Unable to send mail
If your receiving the "domain isnt in my list of allowed rcpthosts" error, it is most likely that you are either not authenticated or having your outgoing mail blocked by your internet company.
1. Click on 'Tools'
2. Select 'Account Settings'
3. Double click your account (or highlight and click change button)
4. Click on 'More Settings'
5. Click the 'Outgoing Server' tab
6. Check the box 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'.
7. Select 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server'
If this does not fix the problem (Repeat Steps 1-4) (AT&T blocks sending email thru outside servers)
5. Click on "Advanced' Tab
6. Change SMTP port "25" to "587"

Missing Horde Webmail Menu
If you are experiencing a missing menu at the top of your webmail. This is most likely due to Internet Explorer 8. You can fix this by clicking the tools menu and selecting "Compatibility View". This issue does not affect Firefox of IE versions earlier than 8.

Web Hosting Control Panel
You can access the hosting control panel by going to http://www.yourdomain.com:8443
Or by using the account portal from the CCD-Systems homepage.

Name Servers
You must login to your registrar (Godaddy or Dotster for Example).
You can set the DNS or NameServers for the domain thru thier control panel.
The nameservers for our server are
(Nameserver changes can take up to 48 hours to take place, but most occur within hours)

What If I Exceed My Storage or Transfer Limits?
If you exceed the storage or transfer limits on your account package by a minimal ammount, and it is a one time occurance you will most likely incur no additional charges. If your account repeatedly exceeds the limits, we will contact you to discuss upgrading your account or additional charges. Aprox $1.00 per gig of transfer.

I Need More Email Accounts
We base the number of email accounts on the ammount of storage each package has. If you require additional email accounts let us know. If you only require 1 or 2 more, there will be no additional charge. If you require more than that email account limits can be raised by increments of 5 for an additional $2.50 a month.

Acceptable Usage (Adult Content, Copyright Infringement)
We do allow adult content on websites, but the content must be legal by US law. You must also protect images that are X rated with login protection, and age verification. R rated sites should include warnings or disclaimers. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that content presented on thier website is accurate and does not violate copyright laws.

Spam (Blacklisting, Security Vulnerability)
Customers are allowed to run mailing lists on thier websites, we even offer a mailing list platform for customers to use, however excessive use of these systems resulting in a website domain or hosting IP being blacklisted due to multiple individuals reporting the emails as spam can result in loss of email services. If a website has been exploited due to insecure code and email services have been used to send spam Custom Computer Designs will make an attenpt to get the IP address or domain removed from blacklists so that email functionality resumes but cannot guarantee that the customers domain will be removed from all blacklists across the internet.

Reseller Accounts
We currently do not offer reseller accounts. We do offer incentives to those who reseller our services, by way of discounts or free hosting for your company. If you are interested in reselling, please contact us.